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The Impact of the Stink of Brussel Sprouts

I posted recently about a new found love of brussel sprouts. I wrote that it was the fresh rosemary that made them delicious. Well, I was feeling a little burned out on rosemary and decided to cook them the same … Continue reading

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Kettlebell Research – Good Science?

I had a professor in college who ranted about research with small sample sizes. It seemed to really tick him off. I can’t even remember the class (I think it was a marketing class), but I clearly remember that point. … Continue reading

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The Never-Ending Battle with Sugar Cravings

About 6 weeks or so, I was teaching step aerobics & noticed in the mirror that my upper body looked really cut… like to the point where I thought, “Hmm… maybe I ought to eat a bit more carbs. I … Continue reading

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Primal Buffalo Chicken Wraps

This is yet another recipe that, because of the inclusion of high-fat dairy, is not paleo, although it is primal. I used this simple recipe for the buffalo chicken sauce. Cut in half, it still made a good 4-5 serving’s worth. … Continue reading

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Brussel Sprouts are Awesome! No, Really!

Juli at PaleOMG motivates me to try new things. I roasted brussel sprouts in the oven once years ago & didn’t like them. However, I am a fan of cruciferous veggies and often eat steamed cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli. When … Continue reading

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Link to One of the Funniest Blogs Ever – The God of Cake

If you haven’t yet read the fantastic blog, “Hyperbole and a Half,” Go Read NOW! Hysterical! Unfortunately, it’s no longer being updated, although there is supposed to be a book coming out. No matter, I don’t recall ever laughing at … Continue reading

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F–k You Forearms! F–k you!

Ok, maybe a little harsh, but that is how I feel. I could have deadlifted 155# for probably a good 8 reps, which means if I were to do sets of only 3-4 reps, I could probably do 165 or … Continue reading

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Crazy Delicious Italian-Food Inspired Salad

My salads are usually pretty simple. I don’t add ‘Craisins’ because they have added sugar. I don’t add nuts because I’m just not wild about that texture combination. Sometimes I do indulge in blue cheese or goat cheese sprinkles, and … Continue reading

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EDM= Electronic Dance Music – Motivating Work Out Music

I am absurdly obsessed with “EDM!” I listen to the channel “BPM” on SiriusXM satellite radio. It’s what I listen to when working out almost exclusively. Although I do occasionally get to work out with a partner, some of whom … Continue reading

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Push-Jerks: Barbell vs. Chin

How much is too much? Well, “too much” will vary for everyone and at different times. I had a session with my coach last week & my hips haven’t recovered well. That’s the area where I had trouble when Olympic … Continue reading

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