DH’s Amusing Wagon Analogies

Last week, I finished reading DD books and handed her to DH to put to bed. (She goes down easier for him. Not quite sure with it is- he rubs her back, only takes a few min, and she settles.)
I then headed out for a few errands. Upon hearing the garage door open, DH told me DD said to him, “What was that?”
He replied, “It was the sound of Mommy falling off the wagon.”
He told me, “It’s a good thing she didn’t say, ‘Can I go on the wagon?’”

LOL! I’m honestly surprised she didn’t! “Can I go?” is something she says often lately. I feel a little bit bad. Perhaps she is catching on how DS and I do something most every Saturday and Sunday while she’s napping, such as blueberry picking or trips to the local Marsh Point Nature Center.

Anyway, DH said again, “You need to get yourself a better seatbelt for that wagon.”

Saturday I finally was back on. I made this fantastic Martha Stewart cucumber & dill salad. It has just a bit of sugar, but otherwise Paleo & quite yummy alone or with salmon.


I was eating it & he replied, “Ah, so you got yourself a 5-point harness?”


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