Cucumber Buns

You know you got a good core workout when it hurts a bit to sneeze! I did the tractor tire yesterday. Did 3 sets each of 10 hits right, 10 hits left. (Pic is from December – hence the fleece!)


On to today’s food topic. I’ve been eating lots of lettuce wraps. Although they’re somewhat messy, burgers on a bun can be too anyway, and I’ve really enjoyed them.

I recently grilled burgers and was out of lettuce. I actually went to the farm for weekly pick up after dinner that night. But I still had a lot of cucumbers leftover. Sushi wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber gave me the idea so I decided to try it. It was totally yummy!


The next day I had leftover brisket for lunch. The rub I use on my brisket is somewhat spicy so I thought the cool and crisp cucumber would be a great compliment. It was indeed. I am LOVING “cucumber buns.”

As I’ve said before, eliminating food groups (grains and legumes) forces you to be more creative and the results, for me at least, are much healthier. Squoodles and Zoodles, in particular, I LOVE now but would never have dreamed of before paleo.

Speaking of brisket, you know you’re thinking about meat a lot when you hear on TV, “I was a smoker,” and think he’s talking about cooking meat. LOL! It took me a second. I’m just never exposed to people smoking cigarettes. (Thankfully!)

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