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The Joy of Funk & Old School R&B

I’ve posted about music before and how it can be motivating – to the point where you get carried away and run (or drive!) too fast. Lately I’ve been listening to the station, “The Groove” on SiriusXM satellite radio. I … Continue reading

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The Value of CSA Membership: Top 10 Ways it exceeds the Price

DH recently asked, “How much did you pay for that CSA again?” “$700” He replied, “Yeah, totally not worth it,” in his tone that declares his opinion as indisputable fact. <rolleyes.> The value of CSA membership is about more than … Continue reading

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Explaining the Cult-Like Behavior of Paleo-Devotees

I recently read the statement that the Paleo diet seems to elicit ‘cult-like’ behavior in its devotees. I thought it was an interesting point, and something I don’t deny. I have a few ideas why & wanted to blog about it. … Continue reading

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Raining on The Paleo Parade

I posted yesterday about my response to the Scientific American article that the Paleo Diet is Half-Baked. The article contains this quote from anthropologist William Leonard of Northwestern University: “Too often modern health problems are portrayed as the result of … Continue reading

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My Response to the Scientific American Article that the Paleo Diet is “Half-Baked”

As you’d correctly assume from the article’s title, “Why The Paleo Diet is Half-Baked,” the article doesn’t exactly recommend Paleo as an ideal way to eat. However, I think it’s best to not throw out the Paleo baby with the … Continue reading

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Summertime Beginner-mediate Step!

As always, all combos 32-count, self-reversing, and 100% tapless. I think combo A and C are more intermediate. Combo B was initially the tricky one I referred to here, but I simplified it after thinking it was too tricky the … Continue reading

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Cardio Kickboxing Choreography Video!

My primary ‘breakdown’ method for cardio kickboxing is “repetition reduction.” In other words, 8 blocks and 8 rear kicks, then 4 of each, then down to 2… add on the next move, etc. Like my step videos, these videos are … Continue reading

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A Treatise on “Mirroring” (Facing Your Class) While Teaching Group Fitness

When to Mirror It’s stupid not to mirror the class during cool down, stretch, and the very beginning of warm-up. I almost don’t like saying “stupid.” It’s mean. It’s a rather extreme statement. But it’s true. It MAKES NO SENSE … Continue reading

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