Cardio Kickboxing Choreography Video!

My primary ‘breakdown’ method for cardio kickboxing is “repetition reduction.” In other words, 8 blocks and 8 rear kicks, then 4 of each, then down to 2… add on the next move, etc. Like my step videos, these videos are for me to share my choreography with other instructors, rather than for people to work out along with! Hence the short duration and compressed repetition reduction schedule.

Choreo is written with total counts per line at the start of each line. I make a point of giving low-impact options for every move. I’ll write it below as I cue it, but again, there’s always a low impact option (i.e. I say “Squat Jump,” but remind members they don’t have to jump!)

Combo A

16 [Jap 2 R, Cross punch L while traveling East, “Retreat” (hop) back 2X] 2X

8 [Hook R, Uppercut L] 2x

8 Squat jump 2x

Combo B

8 [Double jab side/front] 2x

8 V-step 2x (“Billy Blanks” style, with elbow strikes & claps! Option to jump the 2nd)

8 Snap kicks 4x while traveling forward

8 Jump rope while traveling back (Lots of options – march, jog, low impact heel digs, jumping fast heel digs, high knees, heels to butt, side jump.)

Combo C

4 Hi block 2X RL (Honestly more of an ‘elbow strike’ – but there are too many other ‘s’ words in my KB choreo! & the word ‘block’ stands out nicely as a cue.)

4 Rear kick 2X RL

4 Lo block 2X RL

4 Rear kick 2X RL

4 Jab hi 2, low 2

4 jack 2

è 8 Repeat that sequence again (jab hi 2 /low 2, jack 2)

Combo D

24 Squat/ side kick 6X

8 Speed bag

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