Paleo with No Time!

A friend mentioned to me that she’s been doing well avoiding junk food, but needed to focus on eating more protein and clean carbs because she hadn’t been eating enough of the right things. I thought that made a great topic for a blog post! Here are some healthy. mostly paleo foods that are fast & easy. As with most of my site, I strive to be 90%-ish paleo.

1. Nuts!

Great source of healthy fats & fiber, but also have some protein & a bit of carbs as well.  Best of all, require ZERO preparation to be yummy! Well, unless you count cracking pistachios as ‘preparation.’ ;) They’re my fav lately.

I’m also fond of cashews & almonds, although I admit I prefer my almonds flavored with non-paleo seasonings. I like the Blue Diamond brand salt & vinegar, and wasabi soy varieties. Target “Archer Farms” brand makes wasabi soy almonds, but I didn’t find them nearly as good.

Of course nut and butters are great as well, including sunflower seed butter. Excellent when eaten with fruit – apple with cashew butter is phenomenal! Almond butter on an apple is pretty good too & of course, “Ants on a Log.”

Ants on a log paleo snack

2. Some raw veggies.

I really dislike broccoli & cauliflower raw, although I like them steamed. You couldn’t pay me to eat raw kale (I don’t even like the smell after washing & chopping!) But carrots, cucumber, celery are all yummy raw.

Unlike my hubby, I don’t mind re-heated, microwaved steamed broccoli or sautéed kale or chard, so I make big batches, store in zip-top bags, & nuke. Of course, you could also get frozen – pre-washed and chopped, and just microwave.

Paleo local food

3. Fruit

Sometimes dicing it to eat with other stuff, such as strawberries in steel cut oats, is nice, but of course plain & raw is great.


4. Easy meats/fish/fowl/eggs

Sausage – if pre-cooked, just eat! I love Al Fresco organic chicken sausage  the spicy jalapeño & country style flavors are good.

Canned salmon with lime mayo. Tuna with mustard & old bay, etc.


I also sometimes buy a big package of chicken breasts, rinse & pound flat, & bake with just a touch of salt & pepper. That prep takes just over 5 min to do – then I have it to use over the next several days in preparations such buffalo chicken wraps, or chicken salad (a little mayo, raisins, curry powder, and diced onion if you have some handy is great).


Eggs over-easy of course takes a bit of preparation, but pretty minimal! And if you like to do a bunch of cooking at once to eat over the next few days, you can hard-boil a big batch.

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