Low Carb Eating Eliminating Blood Sugar Crashes

UGH.. WHY do I EVER deviate from paleo? <face palm> What is WRONG with me?!

The other day I had coffee then a piece of toast with butter around 7:00. Around 9:00 I was crashing dreadfully. A feeling I haven’t experienced much the past few years. I remembered it – but it felt like something from the distant past. Man, I have to get back to my ‘mostly’ paleo ways.

For years, I’ve had issues with blood sugar crashing when I get too hungry. I feel AWFUL & homicidal. Just a total energy crash, sometimes shaky. Well, when I was paleo, I didn’t get that. Even if it had been a while since I last ate. Even if my stomach was rumbling. I never felt that “crash,” shakiness, & mood swing-misery I used to get.

This is one thing I don’t remember really noticing back when I did go paleo. I don’t think it can be a ‘placebo’ effect because it isn’t a benefit I was expecting from paleo! DH figured it out, just like he noticed I didn’t clear my throat as often when I avoided dairy.

DH said the other day, “Are you ever getting back on the wagon? I don’t think this wagon exists anymore. I think you totaled it.” I laughed. His analogies crack me up. I said it had sunken to the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay. Maybe we can salvage it. Maybe blogging will help. Fuck, even if there’s a slight chance it’ll help, it’s worth trying, eh?

Back to eggs in the morning!


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