That Saying about When you Assume… Icky Craisins

You know the saying. “When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.” Helps remind you how to spell the word. Ha!

Seriously though – Craisins are nothing but dried cranberries with added sugar. I’ve been unable to find dried cranberries without added sugar, or I would have bought them. I don’t eat them often, but DH likes them in his salads & DD likes to snack on them sometimes too.

Well, when I saw “lower sugar” Craisins, I assumed they were simply dried cranberries with less sugar than regular Craisins.

I mean… c’mon! That seems to me to be a very reasonable assumption.

  • Craisins = dried cranberries + sugar
  • Reduced Sugar Craisins = dried cranberries + less sugar.

Well, clearly I was wrong or I wouldn’t have been writing this. So guess what else is in the lower sugar Craisins. Go on, guess!


WHAT THE BLEEP!??! I guess so they can claim they have added fiber to make them seem “healthier.” & the funny thing is that I thought they tasted a little ‘off.’ I think I’ll stick with the regular ones next time.

I still say this is downright wacky. Who on earth would have guessed this?! Not me, that’s for sure! Corn… ick!

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