My Abs are Sore – From my Chest Workout?

*Originally written in July… guess I never posted since I didn’t get around to adding a photo. Here it is now!

I’ve been posting a ton of food-related stuff for a while, so I feel overdue to talk about the fact that I do still lift weights. ;)

Tuesday was chest & shoulders day. I did 4 sets of each of the following exercises for  about 7-9 reps.

1. Push-ups with hands on the rings (set so they’re just a few inches above the floor.) First few reps on toes, then going down on toes, dropping to knees to push-back up.

2. Push-presses with 80# 2 sets, then 75#

3. Push-ups with one hand on 12# medicine ball. Again, first few reps on toes, then the down-toes, up-knees modification.

4. “Fly/ Cable Cross-over” type movement with band around the pole that holds up my house. Band down low, so the fly motion was coming UP a bit.

5. Military press, strict – all upper body. Only 45#, was quite spent by then!

So obviously the 2 sets of push-ups, particularly with all of the instability from rings/ hand on med ball were a good core workout too.

Since sitting is so bad for your health, I decided to bring my stability ball up to sit on while working. (OK, I’m still sitting… but marginally better.) While leaving a customer a voicemail, I rolled back a touch & almost fell.. LOL, couldn’t contain the laughter in my voice. SMOOTH!


Well, my abs were SO SORE Wed night! Not sure if the stability ball contributed, or if it was exclusively the Tue workout. I did some ‘flips’ with DD (me on my back, her on my shins, lift legs so she goes head over heels & lands on her feet above my head, facing away from me.) It was KILLING me… then she asked for ‘horsey.’ LOL, OW OW!

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