Easing back into lifting post-cortisone shot

This is part 3 of the saga. Here’s part 1 The Shoulder Degeneration Saga + MRI and part 2 What the ortho said about my shoulder arthritis

Following the doc’s orders, after 2 weeks of no lifting, I eased back in with light workouts, & avoided overhead pressing even longer. I’d usually use 35# dumbbells for chest-presses, sometimes even 40s, for sets of generally 8-10, sometimes less (although not often more.)

Well, now I started with 15# DBs, sets of 25, then 20, then 15 reps. I felt OK lifting. Had a bit of a lump there that did make some people recoil in horror, but I felt OK.

I called and spoke with the PA (Physicians Assistant) about the lump and he said if I felt fine to not worry about it. Although it was quite the amusement at my Mother-in-Law’s house at Christmas. My Sister-in-Law suggested I have a little face tattooed on it. That cracked me up. I dubbed it, “My Horn” and DH said I was going to charge people with it, like a rhino.

Well, I continued lifting. I stayed with lighter weights in Nov & Dec, then gradually increased weight in Jan / Feb.

And then the pain came back…

Yeah! Pain again…

Even with a week or 2 of no weightlifting, I was still feeling pain. Taking a half-gallon of milk from the top shelf of the fridge would hurt. Folding laundry and shaking out a shirt to lay it down to fold would hurt. Not a lot, but just uncomfortable, like a small, bad bruise. What was left to do but go back to the ortho. And what was left for treatment but surgery? Yippe skippe! It’s fun to feel “broken.” Not to mention guilty. Did I really do such crazy lifting that I broke myself?

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