What the ortho said about my shoulder arthritis

Part 2, here’s #1: The Shoulder Degeneration Saga + MRI

When I arrived in the office at Union Memorial hospital, they sent me for an X-ray right in the same office. After that I waited about an hour to see the doc. Not all that bad. First a student talked with me and did a minor exam (“Press against my hand. Does that hurt?”) I’m assuming he was a med student, but now I’m thinking he was an undergrad. Don’t med students get called “Doctor Smith” even before graduation? He introduced himself as “Gary.”

Anyway, nothing Gary did really hurt. I was honestly starting to doubt why I was there. Was I just being a whiner??!

Then Dr. Hinton came in and had me touch the top of my right shoulder with my left hand, lift my left elbow slightly, then he pressed on my shoulder at the tip of my collar bone and let me tell you, OW OW OW OW OW. Yes, that’s exactly what I said as I winced and struggled to escape!

VINDICATION! I no longer doubted that I shouldn’t be there.

His diagnosis: AC joint arthritis. He said pretty much every male weightlifter he sees over the age of 40 has some degree of AC joint arthritis, even if they don’t have symptoms. It’s not as common in women since most women don’t lift heavy, but it’s common in lifters.

So… I got the cortisone shot. Having the injection hurt, but not that badly. Afterwards though, driving home, it hurt quite a bit. He said to not lift for 2 weeks, then ease back into it.

Next: Easing back into lifting post-cortisone shot.

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